Balls up?

They said that there could never be a Labour leader more slippery and duplicitous than Tony Blair.

They said that there could never be a party leader whose views would be more widely despised and vilified than the BNP's Nick Griffin.

They said that there could never be a Labour leader more partisan, more tribal, more blinded by his hatred of his imagined enemies than Gordon Brown.

They were to be proved wrong - very wrong - by one man, and one man alone.

That man, that man, is Ed Balls, rumoured to be throwing his enormous, sweaty hat into the ring for Labour leadership tomorrow.

A man who has in his trouser pocket Labour's one-way ticket to oblivion,

Please, let it be so...



Anonymous said...

As you hopefully know, if Labour were to tear itself apart and disappear from the political radar, it would be a disaster. We need an effective opposition to scrutinise the government and keep politics healthy.

For most of New Labour's 13 year reign, the Conservatives failed to do their job as Official Opposition, so Labour did whatever the fuck they wanted and mostly got away with it. We need Labour strong and united and challenging the government if they make shit decisions - especially as that government is a coalition, so no more Nick Clegg at PMQs, flailing and criticising. Labour is the only opposition, so it must be a strong one.

Surely, as a Libertarian, you don't want a government that can do whatever it wants with nobody to say "that's wrong" or "this way would be better" ?

Thomas Hobbes said...

Today I have done something I genuinely believed I would never do. I have joined the Labour Party. All they want is a quid for a year.

The only interaction I will have with this disgusting organisation will be to vote for Ed Balls to be made its leader, thus ensuring they remain unelectable for a generation.

Then I will frame my card to one day show to my children, this is what I was prepared to do for you.

Just 250000 people will be enough do it. It's worth a quid of anyone's money. Get to it.

Anonymous said...

Please let Balls be leader.

Better still, a dream ticket of Balls with Harperson as deputy.

Labour wouldn't get a sniff of office for a generation.

Whatever the Tories do, it can't compare to the almighty f*** up Labour presided over.