First steps

The mix-n-match coalition Cabinet met for the first time today, now that the bulk of the endless photo-ops are over. And their first job - pretty much the only job they should be doing right now - is to start slashing public spending to tackle Broon's toxic legacy, the turd he left on all our doorsteps, the Big Brown Debt Mountain.

Some fairly encouraging noises leaked out, via the Evening Standard. So, what sort of thing are we talking about here?

"Health Secretary Andrew Lansley signalled deeper “efficiency savings” may be needed than Labour planned, with £20 billion squeezed from the NHS."

Good. Fucking squeeze away. We no longer have to listen to Broon's blatant lies, that every 10 grand saved meant a nurse sacked. There's plenty of non-nursey fat in the worlds 3rd largest employer. That's right: 3rd largest employer on the planet, and we fund the payroll. Squeeze it as hard as you can, Lanners.

"Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the budget for the 2012 Olympics was “not protected” — raising fears that Londoners face a higher bill than expected."

Why shouldn't Londoners pay more? It's their greasy hot-dogs and overpriced Fanta the tourists will be buying. It's their hotels and B&B's endless synchronised cycling fans will be cramming into. Let 'em pay.

If they don't like that, fuck it, why are we still having an Olympics at all? Tell MacDonalds and Coca Cola they can pay for the whole fucking lot - they'll still make a profit - or we'll postpone it 8 years. What else?

"The Institute for Fiscal Studies warned of an “intense squeeze” on departments not “ring-fenced” by the new Government, including Transport, the Home Office, Communities"

Warned? Fuck 'warned', we want to see 'promised' This has got to be done. Any more? Oh yes, look:

"..while welfare payments could also be cut."

Cut away, cut away. We don't want any more of this kind of ridiculous bollocks in the brave new world, do we? Let the lefties whine,.

There's a long, looooong way to go, but at least, at last, we've got the fucking car pointed in the right direction.



Jill said...

Dublin here we come!

JuliaM said...

"If they don't like that, fuck it, why are we still having an Olympics at all? Tell MacDonalds and Coca Cola they can pay for the whole fucking lot - they'll still make a profit - or we'll postpone it 8 years"

Oh, yes!! This, I like... :D

Captain Ranty said...

I am waiting to hear that all quangoes have gone the way of the dodo. Those, and all those fucking faux cherridees.

Kill them. Kill them all.


Uncle Marvo said...

If I were a bird I'd have your babies.

selsey.steve said...

Cut every job with the following in the title:
inclusivity (!)
and thousands more with similar socialist labels attached.

Catosays said...

CF, you are at heart a Tory like me and I agree with every damn word you've written here.

Captain Haddock said...

Get rid of ACPO & the CPS at the earliest possible opportunity .. neither serve any useful purpose & cost us an absolute fortune to run ..

banned said...

Tory bloke on Radio 4 yesterday afternoon saying that education, NHS and overseas aid were ringfenced, benefits bill was not, sounds about right, except for the overseas aid.

Chop any Charity or Quango using the words Concern, Action or Now!

David said...

@Captain Haddock:

Yes, yes, yes.

If a defence solicitor fucks up he gets a 'wasted costs order' made against him.

If the CPS fuck up they don't.

Guess who makes 99% of fuck ups wasting time and money in the magistrates and crown court system?

Probation do make a lot of difference, though, like social services. It's just negated by the chronic lack of funding, because Jonah wanked it all away on his banking bumchums.

The first thing we SHOULD be doing, rather than screwing the poorest people, is bringing in a retrospective tax on banks- 100% tax on bankers' bonuses and 100% tax on profits.

And those who whinge about the "brightest brains leaving", tough shit. They're the cunts that got us in this mess in the first place. Let them leave, and don't let the fuckers come back.