The crock of shit at the end of the Rainbow

Oh, this is just unbelievable; unbe-fucking-leivable. How in the name of Christ did we come to this?

What a stupendous feast of fucking arse; what a banquet of fuckwittery. What kind of an advert is this for our political system?  For our politicians? For our democracy? The Mother of all Parliaments? Yeah, right.

How can a party that won the largest share of the popular vote, and the largest number of seats, end up as the only party to be excluded from Government?

Is that what we voted for? Of course it fucking isn't.

How can a party that has a mere 57 seats, compared to the Tories 300 hundred and more, be calling all the shots? Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg -  two 'G's in his surname, one for each face -  led his party from having just over 10% of the seats in the last Parliament to having 8% - 8 per fucking cent in this. How is it that he is the only man who is guaranteed power, who is certain of a Cabinet position? What the fuck is that all about?

Are you really, Cleggy, going to sign away your soul to The Lord High Mandelson, in exchange for 30 promises of legislation? Way to go Nick - Gordon Brown has long been one of the most unpopular politicians in history, but it looks like, in just a few short weeks, you've put in a strong challenge for the post. Enjoy your few weeks in the sun, won't you?

We didn't vote for this , this Coalition of all the Losers, this Government of all the Third Placers. And we voted Labour out: where's Lib Dem voter who'd admit they did it to prop up Broon and the Labour party, eh?

How can Brown, who was never elected as Prime Minister in the first place, still be PM? What's that you say? He's resigned? No he fucking hasn't: look again. He has said that he intends to resign 'sometime in the Autumn'. Not quite the same, is it? He's going to be leading this so-called Rainbow Coalition, isn't he? He'll still be PM. Did we vote for Broon to be PM? No, no, no.

CallMeDave Cameron, where the fuck are you? You need to move immediately: announce that you wish to form a minority Government, and demand that Brown go to the Queen today.

Take no notice, Dave, of the commentators who say you should step back, let the Rainbow coalition fail, give them enough rope.

Unless we prevent this unholy fucking mess being cobbled together, it'll hold together for just long enough to change the voting system - without a referendum, just immediately - to change it in a way that makes sure that this very same coalition, this ragbag, stays in power forever. To change it in a way that ensures that the Tories are not just temporarily excluded, but permenantly. Surely not the most rabid pro-PR Lib Dem wants that?

This is a totally self-serving stitch-up by Mandelson, Brown and the Labour party, a trap into which Cleggy and his PR-obessesed party have been easily tempted, and must not be allowed to succeed.

There's only one crock at the end of this Rainbow, and that's a crock of shit.



Joe Public said...

The prospect of a COAL - Coalition Of All Losers is a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Brown must have been promised something significant to fuck off - a place in the Lords perhaps or a nice meal ticket on the EU gravy train. The Lords will survive in order to reward all of the Liebore and LibTwat big wigs with fancy titles.

But of course, he's doing this in the NATIONAL interest.

Mendacious cunts the lot of them

Uncle Marvo said...

Publish a book of your blogs at Christmas, like Clarkson does. You've got one buyer here. I buy his as well, because he's a cunt.

Good words, good point, nailed yet again.

David said...

I'm a LibDem and I absolutely despise Labour, but the idea of getting into bed with the Tories makes me feel slightly dirty.

The problem for iDave is that he didn't win, so he's not really in a position to be calling the shots, is he? He was fighting against the worst PM in living memory and he could still only get a score draw. People haven't voted for Cameron to be PM either, which is the problem.

I don't think a centre-left coalition would necessarily be in power forever under PR. I think you'd find that parties such as UKIP would gain more votes under PR, and the Tories would be able to lead a centre-right coalition as often as Labour led a centre-left coalition.

This is the problem with FPTP. You get strong Government, except when you don't. And when you don't, there are no formal coalition lines so everyone gets upset when their parties sides with someone else.

Under PR you'd know UKIP would side with Tories and LibDem and Greens would side with Labour, so you could vote accordingly. It's how it works in Germany, and they're the only European country to not be fucked by Brown's recession.

JohnRS said...

I absolutely agree.

Stand on the green with Parliament as a backdrop and tell "Clegg The Untrustworthy" all deals are now off the table as he obviously wasn't negotiating in good faith and demand the chance to form a governement.

Get every Tory talking head to go on air and repeat this all day. No ifs or buts, just get out and let us govern.

No-one voted for COAL!!

JuliaM said...

The Mother of Parliaments appears to have become the Motherf****r of Parliaments...

We must be the laughing stock of the world.

mungle said...

Almost unbelievable that Clegg would even contemplate keeping Labour in power on costly and damaging life support. Of course the minority parties such as the scots/welsh nats will be all for it. Think of the bribes they would be able to extract for their cooperation.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

I predicted this on Sunday

Where were you?

sacredspring said...

what's wrong with a coalition government again? Same old shit, just different-Germans do it, but they like sausage. Plenty of shafting to come.

Umbongo said...

Point of pedantry - the "mother of parliaments" is England. It is not Parliament itself.

If you'd heard Osborne on BBC Radio 4 Today this morning (presumably acting as Dave's mouthpiece) you wouldn't be so confident in Dave's - and the Cameroons' - abilities or desire to soldier on alone. Osborne (and Dave apparently) are waiting with lavatory paper poised to wipe Cleggie's bum since, as Osborne implied, any shit produced by the LibDems is pure gold.

Jill said...

Actually, straw polls of non-political people in my neighbourhood seem to show the public mood is that the Tories are coming out of this with honour. They've accepted the lack of a definitive mandate and have shown a willingness to compromise but also drawn red lines. People I talk to seem to think that's a) statesmanlike and b) impressive. Nobody's impressed with either the Lib Dems or Labour.

Whether that's true or not - that's what the surface of it seems to be saying to people. And if we can get a government by the end of it that's acceptable to public opinion, then I think that's what we need regardless of that government's political colour. And blue ain't my colour.