Now that Brown's gone..

.. we can finally enjoy some good weather. After 13 years of Labour rain, of trade union-induced fog, and authoratarian leftist snow, we're back into the glorious sunshine.

No more will Brown and his spin doctors make it rain on a bank holiday, just to piss us off. No more will the biased Met Office promise us a barbecue summer, just to boost Labour in the polls.

CF is off to spend the day on the beaches of North Norfolk, having spent yesterday bobbing about on the River Cam.

What are the Coalition up to?

Who cares, right now?



Jill said...

Not me. Off to Dartmoor!

Prodicus said...

East Anglia seems to be home to some starry right-wing bloggers. Obo stood for Cambridge... Mr Dale was born here... we are blessed with your esteemed presence, sir. (Far be it from me to aspire to a place in the pantheon. It is just that I live here - and one notices things.)

Are there traces of Herewardian stardust in the water?

Catosays said...

Hope you tried Brancaster... miles of sand...glorious beach.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Prodicus, Obo did no such thing. OH did.