It's time, Dave

It was always too much to expect that the Tories and the Lib Dems would proceed smoothly to any kind of agreement.

Cleggy himself may be a smooth, power-hungry public schoolboy, but behind him is the same old rabble of whining, hand-wringing beardies, who will never, ever, not in a fucking month of Sundays be able to work with inhabitants of the real world.

As Charlotte Gore points out, the only thing these idiots are interested in is their precious fucking PR system:

"They claim that economic stability is their top priority. Quite simply I’m not sure I believe that now.

"So sod civil liberties. Sod sorting out the deficit this year. Sod the plans to scrap ID cards and the Digital Economy Bill. As long as the sodding Lib Dems get their sodding PR, everything will be just fine, right?"

Unfortunately, Charlotte: right. These sad political wonks couldn't give a shit what happens to the nation, as long as they get to sit in a warm bath and play with their little principles. So fuck 'em.

Dave, you're on your own. And now it's time to take action. Firm, decisive action, as befits a man who wants to lead a nation. Not everyone wants a Tory government, but right now it's the least worst option by fucking miles.

Tell the Lib Dems that your final offer is already on the table, and that they have until 10am tomorrow to accept it. After that, there's nothing. No deal.

They won't be able to re-re-re-run all their endless committees, and even if they do they'll keep you talking for fucking weeks, while our money pours down through the egg-timer.

If - when - they come back bleating that they want more time, or that they want you to match whatever outrageous lies Gordon has told them, give them a simple message: Too Late. Fuck Off.

Govern this country with a minority government. Kick off the policies you promised us. Ignore the wailing from the Commons. Fight. Push. Make the 'change' you promised us.

CF has oft' pointed out that he 'aint no Tory, but Dave, if you pull this off, you might well win another vote. Probably tens of thousands more votes.

We'll be watching. Get this right, call an election next year, and you'll be thanked in the ballot box. With Labour self-destructing, and the Lib Dems held in the deepest imaginable contempt, you'll get a landslide that'll make Bliar's look tiny.

For Christ's sake, get on with it Dave - you've got nothing to lose, and a whole fucking economy to save.

Just fucking do it.



Think This said...


thespecialone said...

I agree. Clegg should be told to Foxtrot Oscar and a minority government formed.

Jill said...

I'm just totally SPEECHLESS.

Still, referendum on AV. Suits me!

Antisthenes said...

Not a good strategy the last thing the Conservatives want to do is go it alone. Labour in cahoots with the rest will wait for the pain to kick in for Joe public and pull the plug and goodbye Tories for ever.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

The Conservatives should pull the offer now and tell the LibDems to fuck right off. Getting into bed with Clegg will rightly be seen by the public as the shameless pursuit of power for power’s sake. Let Labour try and form a coalition with the LibDems. It will finish them both off!

It is better for Cameron to try run a minority government - as Harold Wilson did in 1974 - which would allow him to return to the electorate within the year seeking a clearer mandate.

Longrider said...

But he can't though. Brown has to resign as PM and the Queen has to invite Cameron to form a government. Ain't going to happen. The "rainbow alliance" will do all they can to stop it happening. After all, in their deluded fantasy, over half the electorate voted for a progressive coalition, not to remove Labour from power.


I was ambivalent about PR. I think I just changed my mind.

Funny from a Distance said...

What Antisthenes, Don't Call Me Dave & Longrider said.

Let Bungle, Zippy & Co (the Rainbow Alliance) show themselves for the self-serving, sod the electorate traitors they are.

Anonymous said...

Mandy,Miliwank,Campbell must be thinking all their crimbos are coming at once-the libdims come crawling to liebours table begging for a few crumbs,and hey ho nasty nick will be glad of any scraps hes thrown.

Catosays said...

Well I'm a Tory and I agree with you.
Cameroon should give the LimpDumbs a choice....Put up or Shut up...

Then govern and let these wonks try to defeat him.

LimpDumbs will be sonsigned to the dustbin of history and Labour will not see power for 50 years.......or more

Catosays said...

Bum!!! I meant 'consigned'.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Longrider is correct that Cameron can’t try and form a government unless Brown resigns. However, if the LibDems now pull out of talks with Labour - having realised that, far from being a clever negotiator, Clegg has actually just signed the death warrant for his party, Brown will have no choice but to go to the Palace and tell Betty to send for Cameron.

Where is Screaming Lord Sutch when you need him? Oh yeah….

Anonymous said...

Cameron had promised to repeal or amend the ban in pubs and clubs

He ...WOULD ...not...COULD have won the following seats


So Dave for the time being,you
can press your sniffer to the
lower part of my spine and fondle
the poisoned chalice of
appeasement with the lib pervos

Ex Tory

banned said...

Since Clegg is proving to be such a dilitante whore the conservatives best bet would be to sit back and watch the Losers Alliance fuck up the country even more, join in the disgust as the electorate fume over them squabbling about PR/AV, which to most people is not an issue and then mop up the votes when they collapse, hopefully under a better leader than dippy Dave.

Barking Spider said...

This whole "process" of hung parliament should be an education in itself for a dim-witted public when we get a fresh election - they wanted it, they got it and it sucks! The best thing that has happened is for Clegg to have been shown up as the self-serving whore that he most definitely is.

Good plan, CF, let's hope that Cameron has the balls to do it.