06:21am - Pathetic

Pathetic that although the Labour party have been handed a humiliating defeat, losing seat after seat after seat to massive swings, they should be able to completely fucking ignore our message and plan to just carry on in Government, deaf to the views of the nation.

Pathetic that the Lib Dems, who rose to fame after a good performance on a television programme, yet who look like ending up with fewer seats than they had before the election, should be in a position to dictate what happens next; to decide who gets power and who gets ignored; to be 'Kingmakers'

Pathetic that the Conservatives, who have had to oppose the most inept, corrupt and incompetent party for years, led by the most widely disliked Prime Minister for years, should still be completely unable to persuade the public to give them even the tiniest of majorities.

The whole fucking thing is pathetic.

Fuck the lot of them.




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Gordon said...

and the point of voting is?

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countdruncula said...

Shake your tiny fists at the sky, CF!

Anonymous said...

Fuck it.

I'm not staying in the UK if the current bunch of shit monkeys remain in power.

The forms are filled in, tomorrow they get sent.

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Jess The Dog said...

the only legitimate outcomes are a tory minority government or tory led coalition. Any labour led coalition has no mandate, is an illegitimate dictatorship, and should be resisted, defied and overthrown.

MUNGLE said...

It's an outrage, anyway isn't Clegg on record as saying he would not support a overnment that had Brown as PM?

Jill said...

Out of interest, if this election had been on a STV system, how would the seats look?

Anonymous said...

Stupidest decision ever: the Tory party choosing an Old Etonian as leader.

Just giving the damn socialists an open goal.

Why the f*ck did't you choose David Davis idiots?

Jiks said...

What CF said. I would run around screaming at the horror of it all but I don't have energy.

Dioclese said...

And I was out all night counting the bloudy votes!!

An interesting but tiring and ultimately pointless exercise (See http://dioclese.blogspot.com) - but at least I got paid!!

Democracy in action - Dontcha just love it?

John Demetriou said...

Pretty poor show all round. But the Lib dems have done so badly, will they be able to offer much at the table to Labour in a deal?

Anonymous said...

Whats gonna happen to the "Big Society" now?

Anonymous said...

CF - You missed out the media as being completely pathetic too. 24 hour coverage but little news.

Exit polls spot on but initially judged as fallacious by the 'experts'. Paddy Ashdown was utterly convinced that it was no where near right. Pathetic, witless tossers.

Current media speculation and expert interviews - pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Also missed the following Pathetics:

Fundamentally flawed postal vote system abused yet again.

Voters unable to place their votes as Polling Stations cannot cope with demand. Weren't they expecting anybody to turn up? Sky News now saying that the system is at 'breaking point' yet only 65% or registered voters have turned up. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Booked the flight.

Packed the bags.

Can someone turn the lights out please?

First new law for the Tory's.....

Section anyone who voted for Brown!

Chuckles said...

An excellent and succint summary, just include the media whores in the descriptor.
It perfectly illustrates the ethos aspirations and abilities of 21st century Britain.
On a good day. With a following wind. All downhill.

David said...

A humiliating defeat? Not really, more of a score draw to be honest. You can't have a loser if you don't have a winner, and iDave is so shit at his job that he couldn't even beat Gordon bloody Brown.

As for the LibDems, their share of the vote has gone up by about 1.5%, at the last time of checking. That they've lost five seats says more about the piss-poor excuse for democracy we have in this country than anything else.

Time for PR!

Kempy said...

Am I being thick? From my maths, the lib dem seats + the labour seats still doesn't add up to 326. Does this mean Labour would need another party to join its coalition?

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if I'm understanding reality correctly or not.

We have a Scottish Prime Minister and a Scottish Chancellor. This Scottish Prime Minister was was never elected.

We have an electoral map which shows that England predominently voted Conservative. The Labour vote is largely bolstered by the Welsh and Scots who voted largely for Labour; those same Welsh and Scots who not only have thier own Parliaments but who also receive and are dependant on disproportionate levels of regional funding from the Labour Government they support. Both Wales and Scotland have failed to answer the "West Lothian question"

We have an electoral map which has been mismanaged by the Boundaries Commission to the extent that those same Welsh, Scottish and inner city consituencies are over represented in Westminster relative to thier populations.

We have some 58 Police investigations into electoral fraud, despite Labour groups being caught stuffing postal ballots only a few years ago.

We have the unelected peer Mandelson, in all his pomposity, lecturing the public on how Brown has the "right" to try and form a Government despite not being the largest elected party.

This is not democracy. This is the politics of a banana republic. Far from cleaning up Politics and offering change, Labour seem content to continue to drag the country through the crap, if doing to will mean they keep thier ministerial cars.

A total fucking disgrace of a situation.

Anonymous said...

I've glimpsed a possible future and I don't like it.

Our first Green MP, Zac Goldsmith elected to the Commons, and Cameron announcing today that one of the common ground areas with the LibDems is the environment.

The time to start gathering firewood and to sell the car now seems closer than ever.

ArtCo said...

"A total fucking disgrace of a situation."

A total fucking disgrace of a nation.

selsey.steve said...

I thought that a secret ballot meant that my vote was anonymous once I'd posted my ballot paper?

On Thursday evening I entered my local polling station (no queues, well organised) and handed in the card I'd received in the post. My name on the voters roll was ticked off and the number next to my name on the roll was read out to the person handing out the ballot papers. He wrote my voters roll number on a list next to the serial number which matched the serial number of the ballot paper he subsequently handed to me.
This means that any interested party obtaining that list and the relevant ballot papers could identify MY ballot and ascerain how I'd voted.

Is the collection and retention of such identifying data legal? If it is, why is it considered to be necessary?