Last minute hypocrisy

Is there time to point out one last bit of hypocrisy from Gordo' McBroon before he disappears from our lives? Well of course there is. Always a pleasure.

So, Broon, speaking on the radio yesterday, began to rehearse his excuses for what will - hopefully - be a humiliating defeat. Apparently, its not our fault we're not voting for him - it's everybody else's.

Like for example, those politically-minded celebrities who tell us how we should vote. Gordie said angrily:

“This isn’t an election about what one or two celebrities think. It’s about what the people think .. People are worried about bigger issues than which celebrity is doing what.”

What? What the fuck?

This is the man, and the party, who trotted out failed old tranny comedian Eddie Izzard to make a Party Election Broadcast, to say how very marvellous Labour were, and to put on a funny voice and warn us against the evil Tories?

It's also the man, and the party, who got 'wish-I-could-have-been-a-real-soldier' luvvie Ross Kemp to bang on and on about how marvellous Labour were in another PEB.

What the fuck are Messrs Izzard and Kemp, Gordo? They may be Z-list, but they're both celebrities, you gurning fuckwit. Mind you, you're quite right, this election is definitely not about what those two idiots think.

McBroon also bemoaned the fact that, in spite of 13 years of Labour education policy, many people in the country are still able to read, and in spite of his comprehensive wrecking of the economoy, many people still have a television. So we're being influenced by the media too: Broon's frustrated at the..

“..newspapers, newspaper proprietors, a few television pundits .. who have tried to decide the election before people had voted."
"But this isn’t an election to be decided by .. media people. It’s the people’s election"

Oh yeah, Gordon? Why then the unbelievably pathetic attempts by Kevin Maguire of The Mirror to big you up and rubbish the eevil Tories? Why do the BBC frequently report your biased statements and spin as if they were fact, Gordon?

So, you're fucked Gordon, you're headed down the pan, and it's because we choose to believe celebrities, and we choose to believe the media, eh?

Thank fuck we stopped believing you, Broon, years ago.



Anonymous said...

Are we seeing the politics of envy? Would the fuckwit be griping about celebrities had Simon Scowall came out for liebour?

As you said though, no amount of celebrities or Lame stream media hogwash can hide the truth. All you have to do is open your eyes and mind.

John Demetriou said...

Good article CF.

Nicely said.

Anonymous said...

Labour will still be the 2nd biggest party due to.
The benifit vote.
The public sector non job vote.
And this is the one that really pisses me off ,the POSTAL vote.
I reckon those third world politicians we have there are running those estates like gangsters.

Jill said...

You said you LIKED Eddie!

I'm glad you're voting as you are, btw. In the absence of any credible economic plan from any of the big three - I think we're past ideology, the state we're in - I decided to vote for civil liberties rather than spoil my paper. Tory candidate's a career politician, Lib Dem guy is local and decent, so went with the Lib Dem version of a great repeal bill.

Sigh. This is what it's come to: I'm voting in a democracy to hopefully, and only hopefully, reinstate habeas corpus; a bigger hallmark of a democracy than the damn vote.

Not good, is it?

Di5grace said...

If its Brown.... FLUSH IT DOWN!

rb said...

I expected nothing less. Gordo blaming possible defeat on everyone elase before anyone's even cast a fucking vote. It will ALL be someone else's fault and he will never see that millions of us hate him for what he's done to this country.

God, please let Labour die today.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I loathe Brown so much is his blatant contempt for the electorate. He talks to people as if they have 24 hour memory spans. Yesterday he began a speech which was broadcast on Sky with the phrase "honesty has been my best guide"

What a despicable cunt he is.

Anonymous said...

Give me a C
Give me a U
Give me a N
Give me a T

What have we got ?


Catosays said...

I'm still finding it hard to believe that anyone would even contemplate voting for the fuckwit!